Intuitive Astrology: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

As we traverse the infinite cosmic expanse, we encounter celestial phenomena that awaken our consciousness and catalyse our journey towards growth and enlightenment. Eclipse Season is one such powerful moment, where the universe bestows upon us a concentrated influx of energy, urging us to shed our old skins and embrace the new. 
The universe is alight with potent energy, surging with a force unlike any other. We stand witness to a rare celestial event, as the second new moon in Aries solar eclipse from last month continues to reverberate its power across the heavens, paving the way for transformative changes that will manifest in our lives. Pluto's square with the 29-degree mark of Aries will repeatedly activate and re-energise the energy from that momentous solar eclipse, right through 2024, ushering us into a new era of spiritual growth and self-discovery. 
The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse rises on the 5th of May, 2023, 14 degrees and 58 minutes of Scorpio, at 6.33pm UK time, bringing with it a chance for exponential growth and soul renewal. Eclipses bring forth abrupt endings and thrust us into permanent transformation. They unleash the past and its ghosts, resurrecting old flames and occasionally unraveling secrets that lay dormant. They also have the uncanny ability to test our dedication to our soul's path by revisiting old wounds, ah the joys. 
Amidst the cosmic dance of celestial bodies, this Eclipse bears a weighty significance, a profundity that beckons us to embrace the enigmatic nature of existence. The Universe, in its infinite wisdom, implores us to relinquish our grip on the known and to venture forth into the vast expanse of the unknown, to cultivate an insatiable curiosity that ignites our soul and imbues our spirit with a resolute sense of hope for what lies ahead.
This is a powerful moon for birthing a new you. You may have noticed timelines around you dissolving at a rapid rate, and things you once enjoyed are no longer of interest to you. Full Moons are a culmination energy, a climactic point of release for anything that is not serving your highest purpose or fulfilling you in the same way. This Lunar Eclipse falls on the south node of the moon, meaning that this is a falling away for the collective. The south node represents the collective past, which is a very clear and profound message from the Cosmos that this is the end of the old ways, and that the New Earth is being birthed. 
Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet of Death and Rebirth, and is known as the Lord of the Underworld. Pluto is transiting retrograde in the sign of Aquarius,  which is the first retrograde Pluto has made in Aquarius in our lifetime, making it extra significant and a pivotal point in our history for our collective consciousness, the crumbling and dismantling of the old paradigm and a birthing of the age of Aquarius. Beginning on 1st May, Pluto will be on his retrograde journey until 10th October 2023, emerging from his own descent into the underworld bringing deeper insights and wisdom for us to tap into. 
Pluto is associated with power, not just in the world around us but also our personal power. You may notice how you are giving your power away, or how power struggles are playing out in your own life. Is someone close to you lording power over you, or have you noticed an unhealthy balance in your relationship dynamic? If you feel you have been giving your power away, it is time to reclaim your power and your sovereignty and call it back home to you.
Pluto and Scorpio allow us to tap into the deeper layers of our being, the shadowy uncharted corridors of our minds, and the hidden depths of our psyche, working with us to broaden our psychic abilities and clairvoyance. 
Pluto Retrograde guides us to look over the transformations of the past, what has fallen away, what has risen, and what is still lingering in the shadows.
Pluto will only remain retrograde in Aquarius until June 11, when it will backtrack into Capricorn, so this is a rare window to dig deeper into the Pluto-Aquarius themes around freedom, rebellion, revolution and truth.
As we stand witness to the celestial spectacle of this Eclipse, we must entrust our lives to the cosmic forces at play, to the ebbs and flows of the universe's grand design. Whatever is stripped away from us during this celestial phenomenon, let us harness it to fuel a profound sense of liberation, to embark upon a new chapter in our lives that aligns more closely with our deepest desires and aspirations.
In the wake of this Lunar Eclipse, we are called upon to release those things that no longer serve us, to transcend the boundaries of our limited perceptions and surrender ourselves to the infinite expanse of the cosmos. With each release, we are empowered to shed the shackles that bind us, to remove the impediments that stifle our growth and obstruct our path. For it is only in the letting go that we can truly embrace the beauty and wonder of the Universe, and revel in the majesty of its grand design.
What are you shedding? What is falling away for you? Really tune into what themes have been playing out for you and what it is that isn’t serving your highest good anymore. It could be a relationship, a job, a place where you live, it could be a habit or behaviour, a mental pattern. What are you letting go in order to better yourself? At this point it might not be a conscious decision, so take time to assess your life and what has been playing out for you. 
As the Eclipse blankets the sky in a mystical veil, be open to the wonders that unfold before you. If something comes to an end or a ghost from your past comes knocking at your door, view it as a gift from the Universe - a divine message that guides you towards your true purpose. Embrace the unknown with childlike wonder, and you'll find that even the most daunting obstacles will reveal themselves to be gateways to a higher realm of existence. Trust in the infinite wisdom of the cosmos, and let its enchanting magick guide you towards the light.
Scorpio is the archetype of death and ego, and this is your permission slip to shed parts of yourself that aren’t in alignment with YOU anymore.
Allow the energy of Scorpio to dive deep into your subconscious psyche, embrace the watery depths of this supercharged Full Moon and let the emotional purge move through you, permeating every cell of your being. Feel into your depths, your layers, your limits, and your ego and be really honest with yourself about what it is you want out of life and who or what needs to be released to make space for you to truly step into your raw, unfiltered authentic power. 
Let us embrace the enchanting magick of the Eclipse Season and trust in the Universe's divine plan for our souls.


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