Intuitive Astrology: New Moon in Gemini 2020

New Moon 22nd May 2020 at 2 degrees of Gemini

New moons are a cosmic reset, a blank slate, where we get to create a new vision and imprint into the energy field of our multiverse, and we get to decide what is going to unfold for us in the next lunar cycle. This is our chance to cast our dreams out into the conscious stream of infinite possibility, an opportunity to set our intentions for what we want to manifest into our lives.

The New Moon happens once a month when the Sun and Moon are conjunct, a renewal of energy, a new force, a new alignment between the feminine (moon), and the masculine (sun), it is a cosmic reunion before they embark on their new beginning. 

The New Moon in Gemini is a new beginning based around duality, and knowing that there is duality in all things… shadow\light, good\bad, yin\yang, male/female, day/night, sun\moon. There is great symbolism around this New Moon with the number 2, as the New Moon falls on the 22nd / 2020 at 2 degrees and 4 minutes (2+2=4), we also have Mercury and Venus squared to Neptune at 20 degrees, and of course Gemini being the twins.

The number 2 in numerology is the vibration and energy of balance, peace, diplomacy, intuition and emotion, and the ruling planet for number 2 is the moon. The number 2 symbolises the principle of coming together with another in union, and relates to pursuing your life purpose and soul mission. 

This is a playful curious moon, one where we should strip back the hardened layers of our being to uncover the lightness and curiosity of the inner child, the version of ourselves that seeks fun and enjoyment in all things. This is a new beginning around our thought process, through how we make connections and communicating with others. 

On May 20th we are moving away from the grounded Earth energy of Taurus into the quick mutable energy of Gemini, this will lead to more free flowing communication, conversation, and information exchange, we also may be feeling even more restless than we already are, with a stronger desire to be sociable and creating something new.

Gemini energy brings a social dynamic to the moon’s influence so now is a good time to start making plans with your tribe to reconnect, and brings an opportunity to connect with like-minded souls. Gemini is a social sign, so we may start to get more creative and inventive with how we choose to communicate. This is the perfect time to experiment with various social platforms as a way of communicating and to start practising healthier boundaries and communication between people. 

While our communication may have had to adapt to the new ways of living recently, we are becoming more aware of how important it is for our health and well-being to be able to socialise and connect with people. Use the energy of this adaptable air sign to flow with the change of times under this New Moon.

We also have the second of three transits between Venus / Neptune square which creates tension and confusion between our boundaries, especially around relationships and money. Emotions can be feeling heavy, and you may not be able to find the words or the energy to speak what's on your heart. It is possible that your emotions may be feeling “stuck” and you may find it difficult to express.

Remember to be gentle with yourself, honour what you are feeling and find it in your heart to speak your truth to those who are important to you.

Under the Gemini New Moon, ask yourself “am I expressing my most authentic truth?” Are you communicating your wants and needs clearly? If not, what is holding you back? Are you really listening to what others are saying to you and are their needs being met?

It is imperative that difficult conversations have their time to be aired, although it is not always easy to verbalise what is on your mind or heart, facing these issues can lead to liberation and connectedness between people. Often the root issue to any problem is linked to lack of or miscommunication between two people, however there are much larger themes on a global scale at play here. 

If you are feeling like your energy is stagnant, you can use this time to create space by dancing, singing, painting, writing, or whatever it is that allows you to express and find some form of release. Tune in to the guidance of the twins and ask for direction, especially before choosing what you are going to say.

Pay close attention to your dreams and symbols that you are getting through, this is an indication of where you should be focusing your energy and even what you should be setting your intention around. Listen to the calling of your soul so that you can flow in the direction you are meant to be in.

The medicine of this New Moon is finding the balance between speaking your truth from a place of grounded understanding whilst staying connected to the wisdom of your soul.

Under this energy, we have to make time for self-love, it is important that we focus our energy on nurturing ourselves as well as others. Remember to come from a place of softness and understanding, allow yourself to feel what you feel, and when holding space for others as you wish to be held, give them the gift of deep listening. 

This is a time to ask curious questions, to do this work out of kindness and willingness. Make time for play, see the world through childlike curiosity and let your introspective unknowing unfold with love through this next lunar cycle.

Blessed New Moon Cosmic ones xxx

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