Intuitive Astrology: Scorpio Full Super Moon April 2021

The Scorpio Full Moon at 7 degrees on April 26/27th is a time to pause and listen to more of what is moving through you at a deeper level of your being. Reflection, meditation, and stillness are supported as the Full Moon illuminates where we have potential work to do during this momentary pause. The Universe is asking us to slow down and go within. 

This has been a very powerful month for energy as we have been transitioning through April with the cardinal fire sign of Aries initiating new beginnings and strong new dynamics. 

The Sun has now shifted from Aries into Taurus, so whatever you have been initiating through the first half of the month you can now put this into motion with practicality and a new grounded sense of energy as we have now moved into a fixed earth sign. 

This is the second Full Super Moon in a row, bringing with it strong transformation and rebirth energy. Scorpio is the most intense energy of all the water signs, and the Moon is ruled by the element of water, so this energy could leave us feeling extra sensitive and open to floods of emotional releasing, whether that be physically or through your dreams, pay close attention to what is rising for you, themes around insecurities could be present in your dream state. 

Our higher senses and intuition are heightened around this time, and we may feel and see things with more clarity. Grounding is important during the Full Moon as we may pick up on other people's energy more easily leaving us feeling drained and exhausted. 

During the Full Moon phase tap into your intuition more by meditating and using divination as a way to access those messages from spirit, use your heightened senses as a way to trust and navigate yourself to areas of your life you need extra clarity and guidance on. 

Full Moons are always a potent time to let go and release to clear way for more energetic abundance, you can use the power of this Supermoon to set an intention to cleanse and release any and all energy that is no longer needed. This sensitive Full Moon not only supports psychic cleansing and release, but it also holds some illuminating and awakening energy.

This Supermoon will be illuminating parts of your life where there is shedding and transformation happening within you, Scorpio highlights themes of inner reflection, intuition, energy healing, and will be shining a light on parts of yourself that you may have previously been unconscious of. There might be changes in your emotional needs and you may have a deeper sense of what is happening and shifting within you.

Scorpio energy is about what lurks under the surface, the deep hidden parts of your psyche, and taurus energy is grounded earth energy, everything in the 5 senses, what we see and experience in the here and now. This Scorpio Full Moon is asking you to tap into how you truly feel, what is really happening within you that you are ready to shine a light on a fully embrace.

This is an opportunity to dig deep and allow all that's been hidden to rise to the surface for you to work through and an ownership of your power, your energy, your intuition, and your sovereignty. This is a potent time to rise to your truth and come home to who you are meant to be. The Scorpio Supermoon can help us connect to energies that can shift blockages and help us heal, especially around the womb and our sexual power. Scorpio allows us to access raw emotions, but also all that has been buried and suppressed. It is time to reclaim your feminine power.

Under the illumination of this Full moon we are tapping into more of our truth, more of what's meant for us, but in order to fully access this power we have to let go of what has already died within us. All of the guilt, all of the shame, anything connected to our scared sexuality and sexual expression.

There is something that is no longer energetically resonant with us and this could be a turning point revelation for us to grow and move through if we release this energy.

Once we embrace the possibility of change and new beginnings, we allow ourselves to fully surrender to the magick that will unfold, we allow for deeper transformation to take place and make a turning point for our soul to shine in a way it was destined to. We are then inevitably left with a new deeper understanding of self, greater wisdom, more compassion and a bigger understanding of who we are and our journey as a whole. 

There is a power and growth in all hardships if we truly let ourselves feel pain or uncomfortable emotions, learning to be present in these moments is what helps us find our strength. So while slowing down and being present with ourselves under this Full Moon, maybe diving deep into raw and heavy emotions is actually the self-care we need at this time.

Rituals around self-love, self-pleasure, gratitude, feminine embodiment are extremely potent under these Full Moon energies, allowing for freedom of expression in your truth and who you are. Allow this Scorpio Full Moon to anchor you into the seat of your deep feminine wisdom and your greatest power. 

Feel so that you can heal. Embrace your Magick, welcome home the Divine Goddess!

Blessed Full Moon my loves xxx


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