Intuitive Astrology: Super Full Moon in Scorpio 2020

The Third and final Super Full Moon of the year falls on the 7th May 2020 in the sign of Scorpio at 17 degrees. Scorpio energy yields transformation and honours the cycle of life, death and rebirth. This Super Full Moon in Scorpio is a huge moon of transformation, a shedding of the skin, here to bring a new level of understanding and awakening.

The Scorpio Full Moon is also known as the flower moon, perfect for Taurus season as everything is coming into bloom. Like a flower we must surrender to the cycle of life and be open to lose parts of ourselves in order to blossom into another.

We have a profound Taurus \ Scorpio axis with the Sun and Moon facing each other bringing harmony and balance in their cosmic embrace, a beautiful dance between life and death, one is ending while another is just beginning as they close out this moon cycle. 

When a Scorpio moon falls, it usually signifies a closing of a chapter, a rebirthing of a more spiritually aligned version of yourself. Whether you are conscious of it or not, there is some deep healing on a soul level that is purging its way out and this Super Full Moon is here to illuminate your truth. 

Old thought patterns may be rising to the surface, self-limiting beliefs and possible wounds from past relationships may also be coming to light, this can feel quite intense however we need these moments to serve as reminders of how far we have come and how much we have grown. 

This moon is a reminder for you to think back on who you were on the last Scorpio Full Moon, and to think about how much you have transformed over the past year.

Use this time to be still and express gratitude for yourself and acknowledgement for everything you have done, everything you have manifested, transmuted and shifted. Remind yourself of any struggles, hard choices, and the steps you took to get to where you are now before you entered the unknown. 

The energy of this moon wants you to dream and be open to possibility, open to transformation on a deep level and open to another version of events happening, one that is powerful and impactful. We must try not to get lost in paranoid thinking or allowing ourselves to create emotions born out of fear or worry. Often we can adopt the victim mentality and we must not let ourselves get into the habit of projecting false narratives based on fear, worry or the need for control. 

Despite the physical separation and the confusion of what has unfolded for most of the world, we must avoid the villain and the underdog narrative and be more conscious of choosing to adopt a unitive mindset, one that speaks of love, compassion, inspiration and oneness. 

We are constantly co-creating with the Universe and we need to be mindful of how we narrate our stories on a deep level.

During a Full Moon we go through periods of emotional intensity, everything is heightened and we feel more. The moon, which is closely connected to water, is in a water sign, and the most deep of them all, Scorpio, the sign of transformation and intensity. You may find yourself overwhelmed with sorrow during this Full Moon, know that when you cry it is a beautiful blessing of cleansing and release and whether you understand your emotions or not, please allow it to flow and give yourself permission to feel it all so that your soul can integrate it for you to heal.

Scorpio can be linked to secrets, mysteries and digging deep. You may be feeling the urge to uncover something that isn’t sitting right with you. As with every Full Moon it is a time of illumination, and this moon may reveal to you issues of trust and betrayal. There are big themes playing out right now about what is true and what is not, and there are huge shifts in energy as we move through this collective awakening as we start to see waves of truth and issues coming to light.

This is a harmonious loving moon, it is a moon that is deeply water influenced and has a lot to do with deep inner healing, reconnecting to your true self and your authentic need. We are being called back home to ourselves, back to a place of grace, love and self forgiveness. 

The Scorpio Full Moon offers a chance to release any need for control, and surrender to the flow of now.

If you had full compassion for yourself, and you could heal all of your insecurities, let go of everything that makes you feel unworthy, what would your life look like if you knew your greatness? If you walked through the world reaching out to others as though you have fully forgiven yourself and found ultimate compassion for who you are, who would you be and what would you look like?

Scorpio learns by conquering its fear, by going beyond what it sees as a challenge and growing as a result. It has an instinctive understanding of the taboo and the darker side of life, and when the Scorpio Full Moon shines its light on those that are forbidden or feared, it transmutes them back into love by releasing them to the light. 

You can tap into Scorpio energy for its courage, grit and bravery when focusing on healing parts of yourself you’d rather keep hidden, and for choosing to face your fears. Scorpio energy is the best sign for a laser beam focus when looking towards a goal. It has the ability to lock on to a vision and is unrelenting until it has achieved that, making this the perfect opportunity to re-assess our goals and use this Scorpionic energy to birth something new within you. 

This can give us great strength in our lives at this present time as we adapt to our new pace of life, allowing us to overcome the fear of change and the unknown. 

During our physical lockdown we can use this time to strengthen our thoughts by choosing to consciously raise our vibration by living in the present; moment by moment. We reach higher levels of consciousness by sending out frequencies through our thoughts and emotions, constantly emitting vibrations out to the Universe and co-creating our reality.

Knowing how powerful we are is our power during lockdown, using your thoughts to create and manifest isn't just about focusing on today and tomorrow, it is about creating a new era, a whole new world for humanity.

You can choose to see this pause as a chrysalis that you are spinning and weaving in every moment, working on the beautiful butterfly that you are going to become. What do you want your butterfly to look like? What do you want your world to look like?

This moon heralds in a new sense of self perspective, one that looks deeply and consciously at our mind, thoughts and actions. This is a moon for self liberation, and a time for celebrating your fertile dreams. 

Under the light of this Super Moon we are being asked to shed a skin, release deep emotions, and release any guilt we are holding on to. This moon is asking us to feel the openness and connectedness in which we can start to move through the world.

This moon is about forgiveness, healing, and reprogramming your conscious mind, and liberating yourself with the harmony that comes with shedding that layer and baring your authenticity.

Enjoy this powerful month of change, shifting, and transformation!

Happy Super Full Moon xxx


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