New Moon Solar Eclipse


The Cancer Solar Eclipse is approaching July 12th -13th and is bringing all the watery feels! I wanted to talk to you a little bit about the energy that it is bringing, and for some of you will be already feeling the effects of this new moon. I myself have personally been affected by these energies very strongly so I wanted to share with you my insight.

Like a New Moon, Solar Eclipses are always a time of change. Think of them as a super powerful New Moon that can bring about new opportunities, but also unearth some stagnant energies that need letting go of in order for you to move with the flow and transition of life.

This Solar Eclipse has so much earth energy influencing this Cancer New Moon, bringing a lot of stability, and renewal. Cancer season is a really special time, its a time of nurturing and mothering, it’s a time to slow down and focus on self-care.

This New Moon has a strong rebirth energy and is here to uncover the parts of us that have remained hidden, the parts of our lives we have been avoiding dealing with. It is asking us to go within and dig deep to reawaken our soul. It is asking us to take a breath and give ourselves love.

Use this energy to reinvent your life, to be bold and try something new, go beyond your comfort zone and push your own boundaries.

If you’re feeling like your life has led you down the wrong path or your path is now outdated and is not serving your highest good, then this is a good time to make a change. You are not the same person you were 6 months ago or even 1 month ago, so why should your life be? You should be able to move freely with the ebb and flow of life, you should never be afraid of change. Just like the phases of the moon we go through changes everyday, it is how we reflect and deal with them that helps us cope.

Now, with July’s Eclipses, we are being asked to honour the changes that have taken place within us, we need to honour where we are today and most importantly who we are. We are being asked to really stop and listen to ourselves, to our hearts, to our gut, to what life is trying to teach us. We need to check in with ourselves and figure out what it is that makes us happy, and work out what we truly desire and want for our lives.

Try connecting with yourself on a deeper level, talk to your soul, your higher self. Ask for guidance. Sit in silence and meditate with the intention of uncovering who you are are what you really want. What is your truth? Are you happy? Are you living your best life? If you could quit your job tomorrow what would you do? We need to find out who we are so we can work out whats most important for ourselves and our life.

This Cancer New Moon & July’s Solar Eclipses carry a lot of emotional energy, which is why making self-love and self-care should be a top priority. We need to protect ourselves and our subtle bodies, we have to remember that any emotional strain on us can knock our energetic body and our chakras out of alignment. Be mindful of where your vibration and energy is at.

This moon is all about moulding your own reality, so let the influences guide you towards your destiny. Bare your soul to the Cosmos, practise self-care, love yourself fiercely, practise self-acceptance. Open yourself up to new possibilities and a new you and allow this Solar Eclipse to nurture you down the right path.


  • Meghan

    It’s me again, sorry I pressed send without finishing my comment. Thank you so much for this I’ve been up an down with my emotions the pass couple of days an I’ve been searching in my mind for answers and now reading your blog I understand completely why. You describe it so well an I can relate to every part. Your amazing at what you do and I’m looking forward to my next reiki session in your new place. Lots of love Meghan xxxxx

  • Meghan

    Hey Sam
    I love this new blog

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