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Intuitive Astrology: Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse

On June 20th-21st we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse in the sign of Cancer, falling just moments after the Summer Solstice, making this the most powerful New Moon of 2020. The New Moon falls at zero degrees of Cancer, and zero degrees of any zodiac sign is a powerful portal that represents a world of infinite possibilities. A New Moon is always for setting new intentions, and when it lands on zero degrees, this means this is a cosmic reset, a blank canvas for us all to create a new future.    On June 21st, as the Sun enters the sign of Cancer, we experience the Solstice, a moment where the Sun “stands still” as it reaches its farthest...

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Intuitive Astrology: Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

On December 25th-26th things are about to get a whole lot more magickal. We are entering into the last New Moon of the decade and we are welcoming the start of Eclipse Season, with a New Moon Solar Eclipse in the sign of Capricorn. Solar Eclipses are powerful portals, that accelerate our souls expansion at a rapid speed, combined with the potent rebirthing energy of a New Moon, we are gearing up for a stellar shift and an elevated level of consciousness for the collective. The energy surrounding this Solar Eclipse is abundant and expansive, and with the Earthly sign of Capricorn, this New Moon is grounding in nature, helping us ground our intentions into this reality. Capricorn is an...

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New Moon Solar Eclipse

  The Cancer Solar Eclipse is approaching July 12th -13th and is bringing all the watery feels! I wanted to talk to you a little bit about the energy that it is bringing, and for some of you will be already feeling the effects of this new moon. I myself have personally been affected by these energies very strongly so I wanted to share with you my insight. Like a New Moon, Solar Eclipses are always a time of change. Think of them as a super powerful New Moon that can bring about new opportunities, but also unearth some stagnant energies that need letting go of in order for you to move with the flow and transition of life. This...

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