That Mantra Feeling

What Early Mornings Are Made Of

Early mornings are for being fully present, appreciation for being alive and watching the sunrise. They are for Sadhana (dedicated spiritual practice) which today consisted of tuning in and chanting my favourite mantra, 3 minutes of breath of fire, 20 minutes of meditation and a slow stretch and release.

Starting the the day with mantra is a way to internalise and harness your positive consciousness, it is a way to connect with yourself and allow you to be truly present.

I always start my day with the mantra ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO which means “I bow before my highest self”.

Its taking a moment and bowing down to that infinite wisdom within yourself and allowing that place to guide you through your practise, or to set you up for a positive and peaceful day. It is invoking that divine presence that resides within us all.

I hope you have a beautiful day,

Love and Light Always,

Samantha xxx

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