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Pisces Full Moon Meditation

The Pisces Full Moon on August 26th-27th is going to be one of the best Full Moons this year, showering us with a beautiful, calm and restorative vibration. This moon is here to guide us through the intensities we have all experienced through the recent cosmic events of eclipses and retrogrades.  The energy of this Full Moon is going to bring us back into alignment, it's going to stir our passions and activate our feminine energy, reminding us of our power and our connection to the Divine. If your fears have been illuminated recently it's because you were meant to feel the pain, mother moon is here to soothe you and melt them away. Under the influence of this Pisces...

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Leo Blood Blue Moon Eclipse Ritual

Super Full Moon in Leo: Blood Blue Moon Eclipse Ritual   Full Moon's are always energetically powerful, deeply illuminating for the mind and spirit, and also intensely magical times. When the moon is in her entire illuminated phase, she brings a time of fulfilment, creativity and increased psychic awareness. We can use the energy of this Blood Blue Moon Eclipse to reach out to our higher selves for guidance and answers, become more in tune with our inner-self, and connect with our soul. Lets harness the magic to expand our spiritual consciousness and energetic evolution. Lunar Eclipses are always about releasing, and with any full Moon comes a time of letting go of what no longer serves you, releasing from...

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