Intuitive Astrology: Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse

On June 20th-21st we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse in the sign of Cancer, falling just moments after the Summer Solstice, making this the most powerful New Moon of 2020.

The New Moon falls at zero degrees of Cancer, and zero degrees of any zodiac sign is a powerful portal that represents a world of infinite possibilities. A New Moon is always for setting new intentions, and when it lands on zero degrees, this means this is a cosmic reset, a blank canvas for us all to create a new future.   

On June 21st, as the Sun enters the sign of Cancer, we experience the Solstice, a moment where the Sun “stands still” as it reaches its farthest point north. This means that in the Northern Hemisphere we experience the longest day of the year and the shortest night.

Cancer is the ruling sign of the Moon, it represents feminine energy and is connected to the creative, nurturing, intuitive side of life, and is asking us to feel where we need nourishment and healing at this time. 

Cancer, symbolically personified as the crab within the zodiac, carries her home with her wherever she goes, therefore she is always home. Listen to the nurturing mother wisdom of Cancer and find peace where you are right now. Embrace change, be brave and rise.

Cancer energy is all about feeling at home within the self, and learning to move through life connected to love and compassion. We all deserve to feel at home inside ourselves but also on this planet too.

I feel this Solar Eclipse is a portal of change; an opening of a new world, a new timeline, in which we, the brothers and sisters of this planet get to create. There has been a crumbling of old paradigms, old ways, outdated beliefs and systems falling apart. People are rising up and fighting for what they believe in, governments are collapsing, collectively, and we are waking up. 

The destruction of what is no longer serving us means we have room to create a new world out of compassion and love, and everything that serves humanities best interest at large. We the people have the power, and we are extremely powerful beings, consciously co-creating with the Universe at every moment. Birthing things into existence. So if there’s something that doesn’t sit right with you, if you feel there is injustice in the world, then fight for it, fight for what you believe in and fight for the change, now is the time to become the change we wish to see. 

It is a beautiful time for us collectively on the planet right now, there is a sense of coming together in union and sovereignty and I feel we can call on the energy of this Eclipse for what we want to experience both on a personal level and global level.

This is the dawning of a new world, and I believe we all feel this in our hearts.

The energy of this New Moon Solar Eclipse, at Zero degrees in Cancer, falling on the day of Solstice, is going to feel electric and magickal on this special day, and it will stay with us for up to 6 months. Eclipses open many new doors, and oftentimes we can feel sudden shifts occurring abruptly, with eclipse energy they help us speed up the inevitable, so if there’s something that needs to shift or change in your life, this eclipse will give you the extra push you might need to take action.

Be mindful that any new intentions you set under the New Moon and any new choices we make around this Eclipse have the potential to last for many years to come, so now is the perfect opportunity to declare your dedication to a worthy cause!

We are closing one chapter and re-writing a new story, as a collective on planet earth we are coming to the end of one journey and are ready to start a new one. Be brave as we go through these big shifts, we have been preparing for this for our whole lifetime. This is our soul mission; to create change on this planet and c0-create a new earth, and that is why we all chose to come back at this time.

While we can expect upheaval and unexpected changes within the realms of our inner-worlds, home and family, there is a greater sense of this change happening on a larger scale, for our conscious collective family and the planet as a whole. 

The Cancer Solar Eclipse is an Annular Eclipse, which occurs when the moon is too far away from the Earth to completely cover the Sun, resulting in a “ring of fire” around the darkened moon. 

This ring of fire is a symbol of destruction and creation, death and rebirth.
The dark shadow of the Moon represents the cosmic womb of infinite potential and creation. The ring of fire represents the passion and fuel that is needed to birth this creation, but also symbolises the burning away of old ways, a reminder that we must burn to ashes all that does not serve us if we are to birth a new.

We all carry the potential to birth things into existence, within all of us lies a dark void, a place of deep wisdom and knowing, a portal so powerful just waiting to create new life. It is up to us to tap into this passion, the fire in our belly, to manifest our visions into our conscious reality. 

The New Moon ring of fire is here to help us ignite our passions and fuel us on soul mission. We are being encouraged to follow our hearts, and use our inner fire to make the changes we need to see in this world. 

Use this Moon to tune into your deepest desires, and set powerful intentions for where you want to grow. What changes do you wish to see within yourself? What new growth do you wish for yourself and for humanity? 

The theme around these eclipses and current planets in retrograde will be resonating with our need for personal freedom, growth, expansion, making life changes and bringing a new found perspective of unity and peace. We are being encouraged to leave the past so we can arrive at our future.

Just as the Moon is in her shadow phase, we too can use this time of deep rest to sit with the darkness within us. Tune in to your inner wisdom, your intuition and listen to what it is that needs releasing, and make a commitment to yourself to take the necessary steps to create your perfect life in this new world.

Under the New Moon energies take time to visualise what you would like to draw into your life. Visualise what you want this new Earth to look like for everyone. 
What is it that you desire? What does your heart want and what does the planet need? What world do you wish to be a part of? What world do you wish to create?

Send your love and intentions out into the universe to raise the vibration of humanity.

My prayer is going to sound like this.

“I send the highest vibration of light and love into every soul on the planet. I send this love into each and every heart. I ask that everyone open their hearts to receive this light, this healing, this love. May they be surrounded by the purest highest vibration of light, and may they know in their hearts just how loved they are, just how important they are, and just how much their soul is needed in this world. I ask that every soul on the planet be protected and guided at all times. I ask with the utmost respect and love in my heart.
I send this love with the highest and purest intention. May this love guide them, may it heal them, may it support them, may it remind them of the love that resides in us all. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

This Eclipse is here to help bring big shifts and changes that will manifest on a global level. Everyone is feeling the shift in energy right now, a new pathway is opening for the planet, and this Eclipse is the first step we are all taking as a collective.

Whatever unfolds for you during these times, be sure to look after yourself in the process. Be kind to you, nurture yourself and show yourself and those around you love on the deepest level.

New Moon Blessings xxx



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