Intuitive Astrology: Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

On December 25th-26th things are about to get a whole lot more magickal. We are entering into the last New Moon of the decade and we are welcoming the start of Eclipse Season, with a New Moon Solar Eclipse in the sign of Capricorn.

Solar Eclipses are powerful portals, that accelerate our souls expansion at a rapid speed, combined with the potent rebirthing energy of a New Moon, we are gearing up for a stellar shift and an elevated level of consciousness for the collective.

The energy surrounding this Solar Eclipse is abundant and expansive, and with the Earthly sign of Capricorn, this New Moon is grounding in nature, helping us ground our intentions into this reality. Capricorn is an Earth sign, known for its practicality and ability to get stuff done. It is the “the sign of the master planner” and now is a good time to consider your career path and future professional goals.

On a Solar Eclipse, a new doorway is opened for us, and we are being shown a new path. We are being guided closer towards our souls mission, and what perfect alignment from the Cosmos than to close a door on the decade and welcome a new chapter.  

Now is a good time to welcome in new opportunities and under the energy of the December Solar Eclipse, we are all being guided to really focus on our future goals and plans. The direction in which we need to take might not be clear at first, but this is the magick of Solar Eclipses; there might be some challenges or roadblocks in the way before we are catapulted in the right direction.  

This Solar Eclipse will open us up to a new stream of energy, something that is so abundant and pure, a beacon of light at the end of a long dark tunnel and this energy is available for cosmic download.

Under the abundant energy of this Solar Eclipse in Capricorn is the perfect opportunity to really manifest your heart's desires. 

There is a magnitude of depth to this Solar Eclipse, if you have a big vision for 2020, you need to get them out into the Universe now! Think about your ambitions for the year ahead, write yourself a list of goals you wish to achieve and make a promise to yourself to be accountable for them. 

You may find that your vision has changed since the start of this year, but you need to embrace all that come up for you this year; all that has happened, the ups and downs, the setbacks and the perceived failures, because every little detail has led you to this moment. You may be setting intentions for a completely new path, and you should be excited.

The rebirthing energy of this Solar Eclipse is helping us to heal old karmic bonds and is calling us to release any deep rooted trauma, especially those caused from childhood. We are being asked to transcend childhood patterns and rewrite our story.

We may be asked to connect to our inner child so that we can experience what it is that we have been holding on to, so that we can release it. Or even to discover that inner light, the one that shone so innocently when we were young, before the world hardened us and we began to take life so seriously. We need to bring the child-like play back into our lives.

As this Eclipse falls around a holy time for many, there is extra magick afoot here. We need to believe now more than ever in ourselves, and have clear intentions for our future goals. For many of us, we will be spending this time with our family or at least thinking about family, so we can use this energy to heal, rise above any family disputes and make peace, forgive, and set healthy boundaries so we can move into the new year with peace is our hearts. The holidays are the perfect time to practise love, kindness and compassion towards others.

Capricorn is sometimes referred to as the “coldest” of signs, usually not very expressive or emotional, so be mindful of how you speak to others and understand that people around you will be affected by this moon too. 

The energies being streamed to us from this Eclipse are abundant and harmonious and whether we are conscious of this or not, we are tapping into a new level of consciousness. It feels big, it feels special and it feels protective, arriving on Christmas Day, this is our gift from the Universe.

This Solar Eclipse is the pinnacle point of the whole year, everything we have worked towards and all the wishes we cast out into the Universe will be carried through this energetic portal and into the New Year where we will start to see the seeds we planted bloom into the tallest trees. This is our time to receive and watch our dreams unfold, so be sure to open yourself up to the shifting and expanding energies.

Energetically, 2020 promises something different than previous years, and the doorway to this new wave of energy starts under this December Solar Eclipse.

We are all being called to level up, to rise up, as a collective consciousness and on our solo soul mission, we have the power to create our own reality, manifest the life we desire and raise the vibration of the planet. This Eclipse is the portal of light, bringing change for the greater good.

Even though the Eclipse won’t be visible to all, the New Moon’s energy will be stronger than usual. As always, be kind and gentle with yourself and others. Embrace the new and all that is to come, release the old and all that no longer serves you during this eclipse to maximise the energy.

This is your opportunity to free yourself from any baggage that is holding you down, to free up karmic debt, release your past and start afresh. As you shift into this New Moon in Capricorn energy stay focused and keep the vibrations high. Hold your vision as clear as day, take a deep inhalation and release. Make a pact to your soul to not carry any unwanted or toxic energy into the New Year.

You’ll be ready to design and shape the future of your dreams and turn them into a reality. Who else is excited to start their 2020 vision board?

Love, Light, and New Moon Magick xxx

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