Leo Blood Blue Moon Eclipse Ritual

Super Full Moon in Leo: Blood Blue Moon Eclipse Ritual


Full Moon's are always energetically powerful, deeply illuminating for the mind and spirit, and also intensely magical times. When the moon is in her entire illuminated phase, she brings a time of fulfilment, creativity and increased psychic awareness. We can use the energy of this Blood Blue Moon Eclipse to reach out to our higher selves for guidance and answers, become more in tune with our inner-self, and connect with our soul. Lets harness the magic to expand our spiritual consciousness and energetic evolution.

Lunar Eclipses are always about releasing, and with any full Moon comes a time of letting go of what no longer serves you, releasing from your life all that is holding you back or is no longer serving your highest purpose. This Lunar Eclipse is also bringing us a portal, a fresh start and is going to open up a doorway into future insights as well.

I have put together a ritual for releasing, but also something to help tap into inner wisdom for any spiritual guidance you may want to receive, this can be used to help you to make a decision or to gain insight into a personal matter, it can be for guidance on career choices or simply just some reassurance you’re on the right path.

Your intentions, desires and your inner most secrets are well-known to your higher self. It’s the part of you that that knows you better than anyone else, it knows all your souls secrets, it’s been there with you every step of the way, through every life time you have experienced. It guides you with intuition and teaches you through insight. You are always connected to your higher self, this will help you merge and find residence with the soul.

This ritual can be done any time on the 31st January and any evening up until the 7th February when the Moon is in it’s last quarter and continues it's waning phase to New Moon.



  • Sage for smudging or your favourite tool of choice
  • Pendulum
  • Angel or Oracle cards (optional)
  • 3 white candles
  • 1 gold or yellow candle
  • Athame or something sharp to use for scribing
  • Pen and paper
  • Moon journal 

1.  As always, before doing any ritual it is important to cleanse your energy and your sacred space to clear away any unwanted energies from the last lunar cycle. By doing this you help to create a protective and high vibrational space to do your energy work. If you are using oracle cards give them a smudge as well, this will help clear any energy from the last time you used them. Gently pass your pendulum or crystal through the purifying smoke of the sage with the intention in mind that you are clearing any unwanted energies from them.

2. Light your white candles and centre yourself, take some deep breathes, and connect yourself to the present moment. Ask your whole body to be relaxed, be still and quiet the mind. Call to your higher self for guidance and wisdom. Mentally ask your higher self to come and make a connection with you, feel the radiance of it’s love surrounding you, feel yourself becoming one with your soul. Feel that sensation in your body, feel your connection strengthen. Start to notice any images, feelings, visions you are receiving as you are doing this, who is coming to you? Is there a message? As your higher self, think of a situation that you want guidance on, as your higher self you will be guided to the answers. You have access to all the answers and the guidance you need.

3. Take your pendulum and connect to it’s vibration. You are going to ask it YES and NO questions so start by tuning in and asking “is my name ….?” and see which way it spins. Ask it again if your name is … (use a wrong name) and it should spin the opposite way. This will be your directions for yes and no.

4. Now you are fully connected to your higher self, ask your pendulum whatever it is you want guidance on. The answer will come from your consciousness, it will guide you to your desired outcome. E.g “Should I take this job offer?” “Am I on the right path?” You can ask as many questions as you want, take as long as you need. Return to meditation if you feel it helps. You may be shown something visually you are meant to see, or something could come to you later in a dream.

5. Write in your moon journal anything that you feel inspired to write, any messages you have received, any inspiration you feel coming to you… allow yourself to write freely, what are your inner most desires? What are the messages from your higher self? What are you inspired to do..? If your questions have been to do with your future… what comes to the page when you right? If you could be anything or go anywhere, what would it be? Let your pen flow. Set your intentions based on the questions and answers you have received. Use this powerful moon energy to project your desires and wishes.

5. Take your gold or yellow candle and using your Athame (ritual knife) or a nail, pin, or even a pencil, inscribe something that symbolises your intention. Hold the candle in your hands and visualise your intended outcome. Light the candle and recite

“Bless this candle for my spell,

May my magic turn out well,

Let it burn, shine it’s light,

And guide me to my will tonight.”


6. Take your moon journal, it should have the piece of paper you wrote down everything you wanted to release and let go of during your last full Moon ritual. (Cancer Super Moon) Read aloud what you wrote, has anything left you? Do you feel change is happening? Have any of your intentions started to manifest themselves yet? Take your piece of paper or rip it from your moon journal and using the gold candle burn the paper. Watch as the words burn away.

Light your Gold candle as much as you want over the next 10 nights, keep burning it until your symbol has burned down. Visualise your intentions coming to life. Use the magic to manifest your desires into fruition.

7. If you are using oracle cards feel free to use them now, fan them across your heart and connect to their energy. Ask your angels or higher self one final question. Shuffle the cards and fan them out in front of you, run your hand along them slowly and allow yourself to be guided to which one to choose. Feel for any sensations when passing over the cards, maybe you feel a tingle in your hand or a heat over a certain card? When you are ready choose the card and read aloud. Thank your spirit guides, your angels and your higher self for the wisdom and guidance you have received. Now wait for the magic to unfold. Blessed Be!

Happy Blood Blue Moon Eclipse in Leo!

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