Super Blood Moon Eclipse in Leo

On January 31st 2018, we were graced with.. wait for it… a Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse! This Full Moon was also in the sign of Leo, and was the first of three Blood Moon’s heading our way, creating a portal of change and transformation. Next we had an Aquarius Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in July 2018, which was the longest eclipse of this century, lasting an hour and 23 minutes. For the finale, we wrap up these Eclipses with another Super Blood Moon Eclipse in Leo, which is the last in the cycle, which means the final rebirth is here. This is the final release and culmination moment to all of this energy, and it’s the perfect time for ritual work.

The last Blood Moon in July was only visible in some parts of the Eastern Hemisphere, so thanking my lucky stars, it is now the Northern Hemisphere dwellers turn to witness such a rare celestial event. We will not have another Super Blood Moon until 2021. Stargazers make no mistake, this Leo Eclipse is going to leave a lasting impression on us all.

It will be a total lunar eclipse, which means the entire moon will pass through the Earth's shadow, creating a deep red hue, thus being named a Blood Moon. A Super Moon occurs when the Moon is closest to Earth in it’s monthly orbit, and as it moves closer it will appear bigger than normal in the night sky. This also means that energetically, the moon is going to be a lot stronger and have a profound effect on us all. Lunatics at the ready. 

The rare Super Blood Moon Eclipse falls in the fiery sign of Leo on January 20-21st, and is here to bring final closure to the portal of energy that has been taking us on a huge cycle of growth, healing and transformation. A Total Lunar Eclipse is the most energetically powerful kind we can have, a potent gateway for a karmic reset and rebirthing.

So for the last 18 months we have been working with Eclipse energy of Aquarius and Leo, the cycle of Eclipses began back in February 2017, with each eclipse bringing new lessons and more healing. Now we come to the end of the cycle, finishing with another Leo Eclipse, and it is going to bring final closure to all the lessons the Universe has put us through, all for the greater good and the expansion of our soul. If you are feeling these potent energies, it is likely that you too are coming to some sort of closure, and whether you are fighting against the tides of emotions or riding the waves with ease and trust, it is likely we will all feel like big changes await us and we should embrace them instead of fear them.

As you may be able to feel, this Leo Eclipse is extremely potent and is taking no prisoners. It has been preparing us for profound changes in our lives, and on Sunday it is going to be activating something within us and transforming us on the deepest level of our soul. This Eclipse represents a new beginning for us, a total rebirth, a chance to wipe the slate clean. It may be pulling up old wounds and past hurts and pain, but only so we can release and let go.

This birthing process is a chance to reinvent ourselves, a time to honour ourselves and our journey, a time to birth our passions, our creations, and our visions out into the world. Under these potent energies, it will be easier for us to access our guidance from the cosmos, so take time to check in with yourself and tune into your higher self. This is a time to open up to the guidance of the Universe, and to allow yourself to be directed whichever way you are being guided.

If we think about our journey so far, particularly since February 2017, we may be able to notice certain patterns or themes that are arising for us now, things that are being brought to the surface for us again. These are so we can continue on our path of growth and development.

Let us reflect on our lives and on how much we have grown and how much we have changed, think about how our life unfolded for us, all the twists and turns, the lessons, the heartbreak, the highs and the lows, and start to practise gratitude for where we are now. In some way or another, our lives have taken a new shape, we have been lead down a new path and we should celebrate our victories no matter how big or small.

This Eclipse also has some volatile, erratic energy to it, so we may feel a little scattered, drained or off balance. Due to the volatile energy around this Eclipse, it is wise to be mindful of how we approach certain situations to avoid arguments or disagreements in the heat of the moment. Leo energy can fuel our ego, so it is better to think before we speak, and reflect before we act, especially when it comes to relationship matters. Stay mindful and avoid arguments where you feel like you have to prove yourself to someone. Stay in your power and know that you are enough just the way you are.

Eclipses bring a karmic reset - they allow us to wipe our energetic blockages clean, clear out any unwanted and stagnant energy. We have the opportunity to pull up any unhealed pain so we can finally feel a sense of resolution and completion. If you are having revelations or becoming aware of things that you need to release and let go, even if you thought you had already dealt with them, this is the time.

No matter what this Eclipse brings up for you, here you stand, trying to understand your place in the Universe, to feel more, to open your heart more, and to learn more. You should be proud of yourself and how far you have come, and really honour the fact you are taking the time to understand the cosmos and how it can aid in your growth. All you have to do is trust.

During the Eclipse sit in meditation and ground yourself, open up your heart to the  Universe and repeat the following affirmation:

"I am connected to the cosmos at all times, I am part of the cosmic expansion. I hold the power of the Universe inside me and I can tap into its infinite abundance whenever I feel like it. I hold the power of the entire Universe inside of me and I have the power to create the life I want. I am connected, I am whole, I am free. I trust in the divine guidance and I open my heart up to you."

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