Pisces Full Moon Meditation

The Pisces Full Moon on August 26th-27th is going to be one of the best Full Moons this year, showering us with a beautiful, calm and restorative vibration.

This moon is here to guide us through the intensities we have all experienced through the recent cosmic events of eclipses and retrogrades. 

The energy of this Full Moon is going to bring us back into alignment, it's going to stir our passions and activate our feminine energy, reminding us of our power and our connection to the Divine.

If your fears have been illuminated recently it's because you were meant to feel the pain, mother moon is here to soothe you and melt them away. Under the influence of this Pisces moon it is a good time to work on yourself, meditate and look for answers. It's the perfect time for ritual work and to delve into your spiritual practise.

The healing journey has not been easy, and having a spiritual awakening is something that happens to most of us through pain. Often we have to hit rock bottom and fall into the pits of darkness before we can rise from the ashes. The energy of this Full Moon is going to ensure we are all safe, guided and protected. No matter what has been brewing for you, no matter what you are dealing with, you will feel safe and secure under presence of the Full Moon, she is here to shine a light on the darkness.

During this Full moon in Pisces take the opportunity to bask in this beautiful energy, sit down during the full moon and let the energy wash over you, you will feel that there is something bigger on your side. Allow some time and space for it so you can hear the guidance, don’t do anything, just listen.

To gain extra energy during this Full Moon, do something that is aligned with your true nature, feed your element. If you need to be out in nature go be outside if you feel connected to it. Ground yourself and be present, listen to the breeze and the wind, sit down next to the wise old trees and listen.

If you’re an air sign be outside, breathe in the fresh air, go for a walk and climb a mountain, get up high, feel the wind in you hair.

If you’re a fire sign, build yourself a beautiful fire in the fireplace in your home, or your garden, or simply just stare into the flame of a candle and energise yourself.

If you’re a water sign go be by the water, go swimming if you can, take a long loving moon bath immersed in all of your favourite essential oils and crystals.

This August Sturgeon Full Moon is going to swim its way into your mind to inspire you and fuel your creativity, leaving you with a new lease of energy for life. Pisces Full Moon energy combined with the sun in Virgo leaves you with an abundance of amazing ideas that you can implement into your everyday life, your business or career goals.

This is a real opportunity to discover a skill or talent of yours that can be the break through you need, if you have been feeling blocked or stuck, this moon will help get your creative juices flowing again. All you need to do is believe in yourself, listen to your feelings and tune into the guidance. Dare to create the life you want for yourself.

The angels and your spirit guides are always there to help you, you have to reach out to them and ask for help. If you can’t hear the messages ask them to speak louder, if you are a dreamer ask for clarity and vision in your dreams. If you ask the Universe it will provide, your angels will conspire to guide you on your path. Help and assistance along your path is always accessible, you don’t have to hit rock bottom to be saved.

It really is a beautiful full moon, a life changing opportunity to share your gifts with the world, if its something you love then please go for it, especially if it’s something that is going to benefit others. Don’t be afraid to shine your light. This is your chance to build something you’re so proud of and give yourself the love you deserve. Believe that what you are doing is adding value to the world. If you believe in yourself then others will believe in you. The world is going to be grateful for your gifts and you will get love in return.


Take a moment to pause. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply and slowly in and out through the nose. Sit comfortably or lie down on your bed or the floor. Let the divine presence that the moon brings wash over you. Bask in the full light of the moon. Feel as she energises you, feel her cool glow nurture you. Take a moment to sit back and reflect on your life. Surrender to your journey. Feel how far you have travelled. Feel in to all the painful moments you have experienced. Understand how they have made you the person you are today. Be proud of how far you have came and how strong they have made you.

Now bring your awareness to your Solar Plexus, The Manipura Chakra, visualise a ball of fire spiralling out from your belly in a circular motion, as it twirls and spirals, just become captivated by it, watch as it spins round and round. Feel as the spinning vortex warms your whole body. Watch as it spins, and as you take a deep breath in see it getting brighter and brighter, and as you release allow it to simmer down. Once again inhale deeply and visualise the fire becoming brighter and hotter and then as you exhale allow it to simmer down again. As you notice and watch this beautiful energy that has come to you from the centre of the earth, recite the following:

"I am Powerful, I am Strong"  "I Love and Accept Myself" ◆ "I Have Courage and Confidence" ◆ "I am Aligned With My Highest Self" ◆ "I can Accomplish Anything" 

Bring your awareness back to the fire in your Solar Plexus, feel as the warm bright light energises your whole body. Feel yourself completely immersed, bask in the beautiful yellow healing glow. Start to visualise and move the spinning vortex of fire down through your torso, down through your legs and watch as it flows from your sit bones and your feet, spiralling into the earth, grounding you with the earth energy.

Take a deep breath in, taking in confidence and fire energy, and exhale any self doubts, worries or fears. Take another deep breath in breathing in peace and love, and as you exhale let go of any doubts. 

Now watch as the spinning yellow light moves slowly back up towards your Solar Plexus, take a deep breath in and slowly release. Take one more deep breath in... and allow the fire to simmer, hold the image of the fire spinning over your Solar Plexus until it dissipates.

After a long journey of travelling within, start to bring your awareness back to your breath, notice that feeling of calmness, notice how easy it is to feel this calm and relaxed. Know that this feeling and this energy is accessible whenever you need it, and that you can always return to the energy from the earth. 

I hope you are happy, I hope you are feeling strong and I wish you creativity in abundance during this Full Moon. And so it is!

Full Moon Blessings ✨

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